Dear Kearny Residents:

The historical photographs on this web site depict 150 years of growth and prosperity in our town. As we celebrate the sesquicentennial anniversary, I am pleased to offer my sincere congratulations to all residents, businesses and community organizations.

While the town was established on March 14, 1867, our region’s distinctive history actually began in the Colonial Era. On July 4, 1668, Major William Sandford purchased a very large tract of land from Native American Chief Tantaqua, which encompassed all the area between the Passaic and Hackensack Rivers – going as far north as East Rutherford and as far south as present day Harrison. Major Sandford named his settlement New Barbadoes Neck. A portion of that area is what we now know as Kearny, named to honor Major General Philip Kearny, Commander of the First New Jersey Brigade in the Civil War. General Kearny had resided at the well-known “Belle Grove” estate on what is now Belgrove Drive in Kearny. His mansion was also known as Kearny Castle. General Kearny gave his life for his country, killed in action in the Civil War Battle of Chantilly.

Throughout the coming year, I encourage you to participate in the town sponsored events that will mark the historic milestone of our remarkable town. The theme of our celebration is “150 years of Community.” I encourage you to visit our 150th anniversary web page at www.kearny150.org, which provides details of the many events planned for the occasion, including a concert, a lecture series and a play on the life of General Kearny. The Town of Kearny extends its gratitude to the many volunteers and businesses whose generous contributions of time and resources will make the 150th Anniversary events memorable, capturing how the town has evolved and setting the tone for celebrations for generations to come.

We are proud to call Kearny home. A strong sense of community has thrived in Kearny since our humble beginnings in 1867. It defines who we are – an inclusive community composed of people of diverse cultural traditions and faiths, of young and old, of immigrants, first-generation Americans, and those whose families have lived in Kearny for many generations. We share a commitment to our town, a sense of caring for the well-being of members of our community, and a willingness to work together to confront the challenges that we face.

Please accept my best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe New Year.

Mayor Alberto G. Santos